Something navy…

IMG_1786  IMG_1756                       IMG_1821IMG_1790 IMG_1746                  IMG_1754IMG_1781 IMG_1776               IMG_1793IMG_1796  IMG_1791              IMG_1822IMG_1734  IMG_1819                  IMG_1736IMG_1853  IMG_1849               IMG_1859IMG_1847 IMG_1916                 IMG_1861

Photo credit: Camelia Salajan

Happy Sunday!  Today I’m showing you this outfit I wore while out and about in the city during summer… Yes, I know I’ve probably bored you with my issues on letting go on summer but I really want to show you these amazing photos. I love everything about this dress, the color, the texture, the bows on the shoulders and most of all its versatility. Style this dress with a white shirt and you are ready for a date. Replace that shirt with a white/ navy T-shirt and a pair of sneakers and you’ve got that perfect comfy look. Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time…

BeFunky Design


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