Shades of nude…



    Hello everyone! We’re still on the colder side but with the sun out, yesterday seemed to be the perfect occasion to wear this lovely dress. I’m obsessed with all kind of midi dresses and I never miss a chance to get a new one. I just love how flattering and feminine they can be. Today’s dress is my latest crush and I knew it will be a perfect match for my ankle boots. It really stands out amongst all the winter outfits and can be worn in so many different ways.  The hat was the last touch on my look, I bought it last year but I’m still crazy about it and I think it will be a major repeat the next months. Nothing makes me more excited than finding an old purchase and realizing that was a very good choice. Does it happen to you too? Until next time…

BeFunky Design

D734E333-ADAA-4F4B-B924-35D6771FF242642716B9-7C7E-43B3-9930-0DF48949DFD3EF9B2713-3497-47C1-87E7-255595C0FBD0B3AF8F45-95C7-4D37-9D6F-86B69DB77407   EC5BD385-F7C0-4835-9ACF-6A60151F3E9A             7A08FBD6-5CBC-47CF-BCF3-DAF305DE42FD473AD215-E93E-4C4D-94A4-C013EDF161CA   39A23224-535E-40D5-9D52-E0BAB1CAC5D8              8ACF00FA-4C5D-4DD9-9424-71ABA01712DC9F97E2C3-1F5C-4849-9B2E-FE0C4295AC3E   CB2DADCC-C0F8-4BEC-984C-C61883F883D6              3209AE84-CCA2-46CD-AAD0-C8C0D8979B754BF1B060-1CAD-48A8-A1B0-7F53C1EA8BB4




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